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RTCA/DO-160G test

 RTCA/DO-160G test

The  RTCA/DO-160G test project that our company can complete is as follows:

section 4.0  Temperature and height test

section 5.0  Temperature variation test

section 6.0  Humidity  test

section 7.0   Flight impact test and crash safety test

section  8.0   vibration test

section  9.0 Explosive atmosphere test

section  10.0  Waterproof test

section  11.0   Fluid sensitivity test

section  12.0  Sand and dust test

section  13.0   Fungus test

section  14.0   Sault Spray test

section  15.0  Magnetic Effect

section  16.0  Power input test

section  17.0  Voltage Spike

section  18.0  Audio Frequency Susceptibility

section  19.0  Induction signal sensitivity

section  20.0  Radio frequency sensitivity test

section  21.0  RF transmission

section  22.0   Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility

section  24.0  Icing test

section  25.0  Electrostatic Discharge


Guangzhou GRG Metrology &Test co., Ltd is the professional institute which is specialized in instrument calibration, Lease and maintenance, testing and certification, consulting and training of measuring technique. The company was engaged in testing and maintenance for metrology from 1964.GRGT is MII electronic metering station 602 and calibration lab of Guangdong defense metering station 5104, also the appointed unit for value of new source and metering unit in south China of the General Staff Department Communications Department. GRGT had got accreditation and CMA from CNAS.

    GRGT obtained nearly 1000 accreditation and authority at domestic and external, which owns labs and office covering 9000 square meters. It have built metering center, instrument leasing & maintained center, EMC center, safety center, environment & reliability center, chemical analysis center. There are over thirty branch offices and cooperated labs in China, which covered key areas in mainland. And GRGT worked with China Jiliang University to build up GRG Quality Institute to provide systematic solution for customers’ quality control, and provide authoritative consulting service according to demands for different company. It is also a place for training and outputting professional metering and testing stuff.

   The development target next five years of GRGT is becoming the most excellent specialists and public company on metering, maintenance, testing and certification.


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